Waltham Forest Eats Community Calendar

We are looking for 12 inspiring community groups in  to tell us about their favourite, thrifty recipe. These lucky 12 groups will get the opportunity to plan, cook and eat their chosen dish together with a fabulous chef and star in the 2016 calendar.

Recipes so far have included  a middle eastern feast, a seasonal herbal tonic and vietnamese spring rolls!

The calendar will be designed by the E-List creator, Paul Lindt and we hope they will be available by December 2015

If you would like your community group to take part, get in touch.

Call Tara Jeewoonarain at the Hornbeam Centre on :

T: 020 8558 6880 or email: tara@hornbeam.org.uk

Conversations and cookery sessions will run until the end of October 2015.

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