Saving the energy you use save a lot of energy

  1. Energy Check! Find out how much you use and how much you could be saving. Contact HEET now to arrange
  2. Insulate We waste lots of energy by letting it leave the house. Insulating your walls and loft makes a real difference to your energy bill. HEET can help!
  3. Turn it down! Turning your heating thermostat down a degree can save you £75 a year. Visit the Energy Saving Trust to find out more.
  4. Make your house warm and cosy Thicker curtains, toasty blankets and homemade draft excluders will warm your house up. For ideas visit HEET. To learn needlework skills contact Significant Seams .
  5. Dress up! Wearing more clothes can really help. Have you got a thick coat, warm socks and jumpers. Visit the local charity shops for woolly bargains.
  6. Switch! Switching energy suppliers can save you serious amounts of cash. Visit the Big London Energy Switch

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