Food by Katie Loves Cooking

Our food resource page is hosted by Katie Loves Cooking. She will be sharing her best ways to eat well on a budget and putting up new ideas regularly. Meet her below….

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Katie Loves Cooking

Hi, my name is Katie and I am a local mum and food blogger.   My passion is finding or putting together tasty recipes that are low budget, speedy, healthy and make the most of what is on offer locally.   Whether that is at an independent high street shop, supermarket or fruit and veg stall.  Food now costs more than ever, so we have to be more creative to keep costs down!

On here I will be regularly sharing tried and tested recipes, from one-pot meals that can be frozen, to simple snacks for kids, from jam using locally picked blackberries to warming soups.   And sweet treats, because we all need a sweet treat every so often!  I am also sharing top tips for eating decent food at a low cost.

If you have any favourite recipes, tips or suggestions for how this site can help, I would love to hear from you at

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Top Tips from Katie Loves Cooking:

Plan your food shopping Decide what you are going to cook next week before writing your shopping list, so you only buy what you need (you can also put a list of meals next to days of the week on the fridge if that helps).  Cook at least two recipes with some of the same ingredients to reduce waste.  Even if you don’t shop there, supermarket websites are great places to find simple, good value recipes and you can search by ingredient, cooking time, meal type etc. to find what you want.  Check out and also Love Food Hate Waste for handy meal planners

Value goods Shop value/basic ranges are cheaper and taste fine.  Great for staples like tinned food, pasta, rice and flour.

Cook from scratch when you can If you always have some staples in the cupboard you can cook from scratch on a budget e.g. tinned fish/tinned tomatoes/tinned pulses/pasta/rice/olives/stock cubes/dried herbs.  Then you can add fresh food when you cook e.g. veg/cheese/fish/meat. and for lots of recipe ideas.

Make the most of your fridge and freezer   Organise your fridge so items nearest their use by date are at the front.  Bread lasts much longer in the freezer and won’t be wasted.  Frozen veg lasts ages and is nutritious too.  You can freeze produce right up to their ‘use by’ date, despite supermarkets saying ‘freeze on day of purchase’.

Cook in batch If you cook one or two big meals per week the leftovers will last for a couple of days in the fridge or can be frozen e.g. tuna pasta bake, bolognaise sauce, soup.  Saves time and waste!

Eat less meat! Eating meat costs money.  Consider having meat-free days and cooking with cheese, beans, veggie mince or fish instead. When you do buy meat ask for cheaper cuts which taste best with long, slow cooking.  Visit for meat free recipes.

It’s much cheaper to buy fish or meat direct from the fishmonger instead of in packets (although it might need eating sooner).  

Selecting fruit and veg yourself instead of in packets saves money too!

Cook what’s in season sometimes Often there will be deals on the fruit and veg in season to help you save money, plus the food will taste better. For what’s in season go to

Use the local market sometimes  For many people it is practical buying long lasting items at the supermarket but for fresher items like fruit and veg try the local markets/grocery shop.  Markets are often cheaper, better quality and you can just buy what you need for the next few days.  Visit to learn more about reducing waste.


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