Changing the way you manage money – using what you have better and thining about how you save and make more money can really change your life.

  1.  Do a monthly budget Using a good budget planner to look at how much you are spending will help you answer two questions: do I spend more than I earn and what can I afford to spend. Try the templates at money-saving expert.
  2.  Deal with your debt visit Waltham Forest Credit Union to get a handle on your debt and take control of your money.ading System (LETS)
  3. Go Cash-free Waltham Forest Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) is a system for local people to trade goods and services without cash.
  4. Deal with money worries Sometimes money problems can seem impossible to solve and it can be difficult to know where to get help. If you need some help talk to Waltham Forest Citizens Advice Bureau

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